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About Us

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Atrium is a family run company which for the past 35 years has specialised in the manufacture and installation of hardwood windows, doors, orangeries and conservatories. We are based in the Herefordshire town of Kington and operate from three factories with the assistance of 24 employees. As a point of principle we carry out all functions up to and including all building works.

We are pleased to hold an enviable reputation for quality which results in most of our work being recommended to us by previous customers. You will rarely, if ever, see Atrium advertised!

The ethos of Atrium may be somewhat out of date but it is one we work hard to maintain - it may perhaps be best explained by the following:

  • Employment - All employees are encouraged to take a major (though contributory) part in our business. Their commitment results in pride which leads to an ever improving product and service.
  • Design - We take pride in our ability to create a design which interprets your wishes and complements your home. The only limit to design is the essential structural integrity.
  • Manufacture - We manufacture everything ourselves. Maintaining control means we alone determine the outcome.
  • Installation - Whilst we are prepared to manufacture on a "Supply Only" basis we prefer and most of the time carry out the installation (including all building works) ourselves. In this way the success of the project is our responsibility alone.
  • Guarantee - Most guarantees are time specific and carefully limited. We believe and have total faith in our products. The only limit set out in our guarantee concerns those items and elements over which we have no control. All bought in items carry the guarantee given to us by the manufacturer and which we pass on to you. Otherwise it is fully comprehensive subject only to proper maintenance and absence of misuse.

For enquires, please call us on 01544 231769 (standard call rate),
or 0500 498448 (free from most landlines) or use the contact form on this website.