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Your Questions Answered:

On this page you will find answers to many of the common questions our customers ask. Click on a question to read our answer.

If you have a question not covered here, if you require any further information or you would like to request a brochure, please do not hesitate to contact us either though the contact form on this website or by phone on 0500 498 448 or 01544 231769. Our staff are extremely friendly and helpful and would love to talk to you.

Will I need planning permission?

Planning policies do vary from house to house but in many cases planning permission is not required for the erection of a Conservatory or Orangery or the installation of replacement windows and doors. However our Design and Planning Consultants would be happy to advise and can deal with this on your behalf.

We have an excellent reputation for working with Listed buildings and those in Conservation Areas so we have a good idea of what may be possible from the star

Can I (or my builder) install the Conservatory, Orangery or Lantern Roof?

We are happy to supply bespoke hardwood Conservatories, Orangeries, lantern roofs, windows, doors and secondary glazing for installation by builders or customers.

We will supply full building drawings for the Conservatory or Orangery baseworks and will be happy to assist with any technical queries which may arise.

Can you carry out the complete project?

We are more than happy to offer you our full or part 'Turnkey' service from the foundations to the final floor finish. We do not employ any sub-contract labour, all our work is carried out by our own employees.

What sort of designs do you make?

We don't have any standard designs - basically the only limit is your own imagination and the structural integrity of the building. If you already have a design in mind, we are happy to give you costings on that. Ideally we can arrange a visit to discuss your requirements and we will then provide you with a scale drawing along with itemised costings.

I have an unusual colour scheme - can you match it?

As we manufacture all of our Conservatories, Orangeries, lantern roofs, doors, windows and secondary glazing from quality hardwood, we are able to match or blend in with any colour scheme or natural timber finish. We can even offer multi-coloured finishes with different colours on the inside and outside of the item.

The planners say my Conservatory must be white - is there anything you can do?

White does not need to be a boring "fridge" white. We can often select from the range of English Heritage whites that offer some flexibility and are usually accepted by the planners. We will work with the planning authorities to come up with an acceptable "white" colour that adds character to the Conservatory or Orangery.

Do you make the Conservatories, Orangeries, lantern roofs, windows and doors yourselves?

All elements of the Conservatory, Orangery, lantern roof, windows, doors or secondary glazing are manufactured on our own premises apart from the toughened glass sealed units, hinges, locks and other metal fittings.

What guarantee do you give?

All sealed units are covered against unit failure by the five year guarantee passed on to us by the manufacturers (does not include/cover broken glass). Ten years on all other elements insofar as we are in control or have been in control of the materials or labour concerned.

Note: This is limited by the requirement for basic maintenance to be carried out. e.g. lubricating mechanical mechanisms and maintaining a sound finish to the woodwork.

What will it cost?

This question is asking "How much is a silver car?" We offer high quality products at competitive prices and do not have a standard price - feel free to ask for a no obligation quote for a bespoke building. The bigger and more elaborate the Conservatory, the higher the price - the higher the specification you choose, the higher the price.

What maintenance is involved?

Modern microporous finishes and technological advances in joinery structure result in a minimum maintenance requirement. Furthermore, when re-coating a Conservatory or Orangery, there is little to no preparatory work other than wiping down prior to a new application. Re-coating may be carried out at any period between 2 and 7 years depending on the exposure of the Conservatory. Roofs are generally glazed with aluminium glazing caps which gives an almost zero maintenance.

Will my Conservatory or Orangery get too hot?

If properly designed from the outset - NO. Air must be allowed to escape through an extra large roof window (the size of a small door) and to work efficiently, a facility must be provided for air to be drawn into the Conservatory at a low level whilst all window and doors are securely locked. In other words, the Conservatory is ventilating all the time and simply awaiting your return to put it to use while keeping the building secure in your absence. In addition to this we offer the latest in glass technology which can reflect the "Solar Gain" at the same time as providing insulation during the cooler months.

What about Building Regulations compliance?

Atrium is a FENSA registered window installer and can issue you with a FENSA certificate for any new Windows and Doors. Building regulation approval may be required for Orangeries and Conservatories depending on the circumstances. Please get in touch and we would be happy to advise.

Where in the UK (or world) do you sell to?

We have handled Conservatory and Orangery projects all over the UK including various other countries such as the Channel Islands and even the USA. We are certainly happy to supply and regularly install throughout the UK

Our Full "Turnkey" service however is limited to a reasonable distance from the factory but please feel free to discuss your requirements and we will endeavor to try and help.


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